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Generac SPEEDWASH™ System

Generac SPEEDWASH™ System

3200 PSI Pressure Washer Model 7122 with 3 Cleaning Tools

 (644  reviews)
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Generac SPEEDWASH™ System

3200 PSI Pressure Washer Model 7122 with 3 Cleaning Tools
 (644  reviews)
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Ultra-Fast. Easy to Use. Built to Last.

A Better Pressure Washer!

Video - Generac SpeedWash 3200 Overview

The Generac SpeedWash™ System

The Generac SpeedWash™ is a complete pressure washing system that provides ALL the tools you need for every application. It delivers the raw cleaning power you need to accomplish the toughest cleaning tasks.

The SpeedWash™ starts with a high quality Generac OHV engine and a professional grade axial cam, brasshead pump–the heart of a pressure washer that delivers up to 3200 PSI and 2.7 GPM.

Then we complement the core unit with innovative, user-friendly features that make using it fast and easy.

The PowerDial™ Gun

Different cleaning jobs require different amounts of pressure. A common frustration with pressure washing is that you constantly have to stop to switch nozzles.

That's why we came up with the PowerDial™ gun. It puts the ability to change settings, quickly and easily, right at your fingertips.

25' High Pressure Hose

Kink resistant, non-marring.

Innovative Cleaning Tools!

The Power Broom (Free!)

When cleaning decks and driveways, it can be a challenge to maintain a steady distance and pressure as your arms tire over time.

Our Power Broom houses four nozzles that roll along at a constant height. In addition to being MUCH less fatiguing, the Power Broom helps prevent accidental damage that can occur with a single high pressure nozzle. Plus, it gets the cleaning done up to 4X FASTER!

The Turbo Nozzle (Free!)

Using a high-pressure rotating jet, the Turbo Nozzle can scrub away grime and stains quickly–cutting cleaning time by up to 30%.

The Soap Blaster (Free!)

This handy nozzle shoots soap 3x farther and agitates it into an active foam.