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How much power do I need (and what will it cost)?

How much standby power you need depends on a number of factors - the size of your home, the amount of power you typically consume, and whether you want to back up everything or just certain essential items.

The best way to know all your options is to sign up for a FREE QUOTE. A trained Generac representative will answer all your questions and give you comparative pricing to help you make a decision.

Whole House Standby...
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To give you an approximate idea of how affordable it is to protect yourself from power outages, we've listed three of our most popular home generator models below.

Power just the basics.

If you prefer a simple, economical approach, our affordable PowerPact line provides automatic standby protection for essential circuits such as your well pump, refrigerator, furnace, and sump pump.

7,500 Watt Model with 8-circuit Transfer Switch
Starting at $2,049 MSRP*

Power where you need it.

Provides essential circuit power protection for your home, ensuring the necessities remain powered during an outage or up to whole house coverage when paired with one of Generac’s load- shedding switches. Capable of backing up a five ton air conditioner.

18,000 Watt Model
Starting at $5,369 MSRP*

Power it all and SAVE.

Many homeowners want the peace of mind that comes with whole house coverage. Whenever there is a power outage, you don’t have to worry because the power stays on throughout your entire home WITH Whenever there is a power outage, you won’t have to worry because the power will stay on throughout your entire home. And when you have the PWRview automatic transfer switch, you can also monitor your home’s electricity usage, allowing you to make decisions that can help lower your annual bill up to 20%.** These savings can help you pay for the cost of the generator overtime!

26,000 Watt Model
Starting at $6,799 MSRP*

*Prices do not include tax and installation costs, which will vary depending on municipal guidelines and regulations.

**Savings will vary based on multiple factors, including energy habits, size of home and number of occupants.

Please see the next page for what is involved in installation, and how to get an installation cost.

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