G22 Kinetic Gas Woodsplitter

Outsplits any 22-Ton hydraulic splitter!

At last...a DIFFERENT and BETTER design in woodsplitters! This machine uses stored Kinetic Energy instead of Hydraulics to split wood up to 6 times faster. Added benefits are less maintenance, less mess, and less backstrain!

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Kinetic Energy Instead of Hydraulics!

We threw out the hydraulic fluid, pumps, pistons, and valves! The result? Fewer moving parts, less maintenance, and a 2.5 second cycle time (compared to about 18 seconds for typical hydraulic splitters). Here are the features that make this design, fueled by kinetic energy, so much better than any hydraulic splitter:

A 55-lb flywheel creates a mass that spins at 3600 rpm, storing kinetic energy...

A hardened pinion gear transfers the energy from the flywheel to the rack...

the rack hurls the log into the splitting wedge. Then the rack auto-retracts, so that the G22 is instantly ready for the next log.

POWERFUL OVERHEAD VALVE ENGINE. 3.5 ft-lbs of torque are magnified many times by the 55 lb. flywheel. Stored energy is then released in a rapid stroke (similar to a karate chop) to split the toughest logs (up to 18” long x 30” in diameter) in less than 1 second.

STEEL WORK TABLE reduces backstrain by capturing split pieces, all but eliminating the constant bending to retrieve them for resplitting.

2-YEAR WARRANTY on the complete machine (including the engine) for Homeowner Use. (90-Day Warranty for Commercial Use).



Height 46"
Length 79"
Shipping Dimensions 66" L x 29"W x 44"W
Shipping Weight 325 lbs
Weight 275 lbs
Width 25"
Flywheel Weight 55 lbs
Wedge Height 6"
Wedge Width 3/4"


Air Filter Foam
Choke/Primer Choke
Cooling Methods Air
Displacement 99cc
Engine Type OHV
Ft Lbs Torque 3.5
Horsepower 3
Lubrication Splash
Make Generac
Number Of Cylinders 1
Oil Capacity 12oz
Oil Type SAE 15-40
Starting Type Manual

Fuel System

Fuel Capacity 2.1 Qrts


Assembly Yes
CARB Certified Yes


Frame 1/4" Steel


Average Cycle Time 2.5 Sec
Log Trays Yes
Max Log Length 18"
Splitting Force Equivalent to 22 Tons


Engine Warranty 2 yrs Residential Use
Machine Warranty 2 yrs Residential Use

Wheels Tires

Dimensions 11" x 4"
Number of Tires 2
Tread Saw Tooth
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Q.Will this split knotty wood?
A.The G22 Wood Splitter will handle logs with knots in them. The massive flywheel acts like a giant battery, but instead of storing electricity, it stores kinetic energy. Its spinning weight is a force multiplier, accumulating energy created by the engine in between splits, then releasing it in a sudden burst.
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Posted by: Anonymous from Waukeshau, WI on 6/3/2016
Q.What is the tonnage rating?
A.Kinetic splitters (sometimes called flywheel splitters) do not have “tonnage” ratings. Hydraulic splitters, because they are very slow, must “squeeze” a log until it pops open. Kinetic splitters use a combination of speed (compare the G22’s 2.5-second cycle time to the 15-22 second cycle times typical of hydraulic units) and power to split more quickly and more efficiently. The G22 model will out-split any 22-Ton hydraulic log splitter.
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Posted by: Anonymous from Waukeshau, WI on 6/3/2016
Q.Does this unit come assembled?
A.Our G22 Wood Splitter comes mostly assembled. It will be crated, on a standard size pallet. The only assembly required is installing the table and the tow bar, then adding gas and oil. Full instructions are included.
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Posted by: Anonymous from Waukeshau, WI on 6/3/2016
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