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Generac Oil Filter for Air-Cooled and Portable Generators

Generac Oil Filter for Air-Cooled and Portable Generators

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Generac Oil Filter for Air-Cooled and Portable Generators

 (5  reviews)
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Generac Oil Filter

Use this oil filter on 8kW-24kW home standby generators manufactured from 2008 to the present. This filter is also used on GT, GP, XG, and XP series portable generators.

Product Features:

  • Ensnares harmful particles for increased engine efficiency
  • Suitable for most Generac air-cooled and portable generators
  • Compatible with select 760cc and most 990cc engines

Fits Model Numbers:

Portable Generators: 0044510, 0044511, 0045820, 0045821, 0045822, 0045823, 0045830, 0045831, 0049860, 0049870, 0049871, 0049872, 0052090, 0053080, 0053081, 0053960, 0057340, 0057341, 0057350, 0057351, 0058020, 0058021, 0058022, 0059320, 0059321, 0059322

Air-Cooled Generators: Compatible with 2008-Present 8kW-24kW air-cooled Generac Guardian series, Honeywell, Eaton, Siemens, Centurion, Synergy, Carrier, Bryant, EcoGen and Watchdog.

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Please Note: To find your manual for maintenance information and a list of parts, visit Generac.com/service-support.